Power of Voices Partnerships (PVP) – FAIR For ALL

The FAIR for ALL consortium – comprising Oxfam Novib, Huairou Commission, SOMO, Third World Network-Africa (TWN-Africa), and other developing countries will support people in their collaboration with, and rightful demands towards companies, governments and multilateral organizations for economic, social and environmental justice, promoting global trade and value-chains that are fair for all. Thus, the strategic objective of FAIR for ALL is a strengthened Civil Society which is capable of creating space and mobilizing people across geographies to demand and contribute to more inclusive and sustainable trade and value-chains that respect human rights, protect the environment and promote women’s economic empowerment. This implies rebalancing developing countries’ reliance on dominant primary-commodity value chains, reforming tax and trade regimes and increasing investment/national budget allocations in local and national value chains that benefit small-scale farmers; in particular women and their communities. The strategic objective is accomplished through the following four pathways:

Pathway 1 strengthens civil society to co-create alternative business practices which share value more equally and empowers women.

Pathway 2 strengthens Civil Society to advocate for a more responsible private and financial sector that upholds land rights, decent work, living wages, women’s and environmental rights and space for civil society to act.

Pathway 3 strengthens civil society to advocate for more accountable governments, multilateral institutions and regulatory frameworks – that is, for governments to effectively regulate the private sector.

Pathway 4 strengthens civil society to mobilize citizens for fiscal and trade reforms that enable domestic revenue mobilization for increased social spending and investment in locally owned and diversified economies that produce jobs and income for local communities.

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