Women in Oil and Gas

Championing Economic Empowerment

AWEIK is committed to inclusion and diversity with respect to career development and advancement of women in the oil and gas industry. We seek to address the imminent gap in female leadership in the industry by delivering training and advocating for networking.

We hope to incorporate diversity amongst key personnel in the oil and industry sector by providing our members with opportunities to interact with mentors and leaders that they can engage with to advance professionally.

AWEIK is passionate about collaborating with organizations, government bodies, or private companies that champion for equal opportunities for females in this sector, through a structured mentoring program.

Our objectives and goals work hand in hand to achieve our vision statement by:

Developing partnerships and cheating alliances within the oil and gas sector to create a myriad of opportunities for women in the industry.

Informing women interested in energy as well as those in the sector of career opportunities and also how they can seek opportunities or create them themselves.

Engaging industry leaders with the aim of encouraging them to embrace strategies that promote diversity in the workplace

Creating workshops that equip women with the necessary skills to actively manage and plan for their career development.

Increasing awareness of opportunities and career journeys available for women in the oil and gas sector.

The community

The community of women in the oil and gas industry continues to grow, and AWEIK takes pride in being part of that growth. Our aim is to create a solid foundation for the economic empowerment of any woman that is passionate about developing their career in the industry.

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